Welcome to The Zone

We offer a wide range of information, advice, counselling and support services to young people.

We are open and all of our services are still running. You can call us on 01752 206626, text us on 07867358187 or contact us for more details of how we can continue to help.

You can also call the following numbers for help with:

Accommodation (ZAP): 01752 206626

General support: 07867358187

Insight: 01752 265775 or 07867358181

Icebreak: 07817249959

Sexual Health: 07867358187

See, Hear, Respond: 07867358187

Victim of Crime Counselling: 07972 179912


Coronavirus Advice

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Our self help sections provide information for young people, parents and carers and professionals. It includes details about where you can go to get help and support…

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