Sexual Health & Relationships

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s) are very infectious and very common and cases of STI's, including HIV, are increasing particularly in young people.

If you have unprotected sex (sex without a condom), even once, you are at risk of catching a STI. The only way of protecting against STIs is to use condoms.

Not all STIs have any symptoms, particularly Chlamydia, so if you have had unprotected sex or are concerned you may have symptoms of an STI it is important that you get yourself checked out as soon as you can.

If you are concerned about STIs please to talk to one of our sexual health advisers by calling 01752 206626, texting 07867358187 or email.

If you are concerned about STIs you can also use the freeonline testing service. Please visit SHiP for more information.

Please note that if you've had a test recently results are taking slightly longer than normal. SHiP are working their hardest to get results back to patients within 14 days, but due to the current circumstances there are unavoidable delays. Please bear with them as they work through the backlog. If you are concerned you can contact SHiP on 01752 431124.