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About Sexual Health

We are pleased to let you know that we are now able to offer appointments if you'd like to talk to someone about your sexual health.
To help keep everyone safe we aren't able to run as a drop in just yet instead please call us on 01752 206626, text us on 07867358187 or email us to arrange an appointment.

Appointments are available:

Monday: 4pm - 7pm

Tuesday: 1pm - 4pm 

Thursday: 12pm - 7pm

Friday: 10am  - 1pm

Saturday: 10am - 3pm 

The Zone's sexual health service can offer you help with:

If you have any concerns please contact us on 07867358187 or send us an email.

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I went into The Zone, with a massive worry on my shoulders. Not only did the lady give me advice, she also offered a lot of support. The trip was more than successful.