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Information for professionals

Insight is a small multi-disciplinary team, comprising workers from backgrounds of youth and community work, community psychiatric nursing, drug & alcohol work, psychotherapy, social work and occupational therapy.

Additionally, the team is supported by input from a psychologist and a psychiatrist on a weekly basis. Although situated in the voluntary sector, Insight has established links with the Health and Social Services.

We work with people aged 18+ residing within the Plymouth’s inner city boundaries, who appear to be experiencing symptoms indicating the early onset of a psychotic episode; first episodes of experiences to be within the last 12 months. Those people might have experienced voices, visions they cannot find explanations for, a sense of paranoia, loss or disturbance to memory or ability to concentrate, or a feeling that on occasions, their thoughts are somehow in turmoil. People referred to the service may be experiencing rapid changes in mood, including feeling very depressed or fluctuating between extreme high or low emotional states. Insight will also support people whose substance misuse severely affects their mental health.

This provision has been established to address the needs of people in the early stages of apparent emerging psychosis in order to reduce distress, and optimise positive outcomes for those we support. We hope to work alongside those people who have not received a formal diagnosis of mental illness, on the premise that this should NOT be inevitable. In the event that a person referred to the team has received a diagnosis, then the team can work alongside a person if the diagnosis is less than 12 months old and ideally less than 6 months.

If you would like to discuss a referral to the team please contact the team on 01752 265775 or alternatively you can make a referral by completing the referral form and returning it to us.