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Commonly asked questions

What does Insight do?

Insight helps people to gain greater understanding of their experiences of changing mental health. The team helps people to learn about ways in which they can gain more control over distressing experiences that previously may not have been possible.

What is the philosophy behind the innovative service?

The team work to promote and develop coping strategies, which people can adopt, in order to manage their experiences and cope with daily life. Insight also works with family and carers, helping to create an environment which will encourage healthy and supportive relationships between the person and their carers and/or family.

Insight values the experiences of individuals and works to empower and enable them. We strive to promote personal growth and self-esteem.

What alternative sources of support might be available should the service not be appropriate for a referred person?

An initial assessment will be undertaken with a person referred to Insight; should their needs indicate that Insight is appropriate for them, then a further assessment period of up to three months may be necessary to establish support and engage with the young person.

Within The Zone, there is a wealth of opportunities for people aged 25 and under to access a number of alternative in-house services. The team is already working with a number of people referred on by other services within The Zone. Equally, for some people, Insight has not been the most appropriate source of support, and it has been possible to refer them to other initiatives within the agency and beyond.

On occasions, it is necessary to enable people to re-establish links with existing statutory workers, with whom they may have lost contact. There are also a broad range of services within the city with whom Insight has links, and from whom people can receive support and advice around education and personal development, financial support, guidance around substance misuse, training, enhancing their social activities and generally promoting good physical and mental health.

Who works within the Insight Team?

Insight is a small multi-disciplinary team, comprising of workers from a range of backgrounds including youth and community work, community psychiatric nursing, counselling, psychotherapy, social work and occupational therapy.

The team is also supported by input from a psychologist and a psychiatrist on a weekly basis.