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What is ‘personality disorder’?

Each individual has a number of thoughts, feelings and behaviours which make up their own personality. We all differ, however most people will behave in a way which is fairly predictable. People who have personality disorder often do not behave in a predictable way and other people may find this upsetting and difficult to deal with.

Personality disorders often appear during adolescence and continue into adulthood. Many people, although not all, who have personality disorder have experienced difficult and unsettled childhoods.

Those who have personality disorder may:

  • Have difficulty forming and maintaining relationships
  • Struggle to manage their emotions without self harming
  • Be overwhelmed by feelings such as anxiety, distress and worthlessness
  • Act impulsively and recklessly without thoughts for their own and others safety

If you are concerned that you, or someone you know, may be experiencing the abover and need support around these feelings you can contact your GP, visit Mind’s website for further help or drop in to The Zone to talk with one of our youth support volunteers.

The information above includes information from Mind and NHS choices. Mind and NHS Choices are both certified members of the 'Information Standard' and therefore are commited to providing health and care information you can trust.

This information will be reviewed in September 2018.