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About Icebreak

Icebreak was established in 2004 to support and empower young people who are experiencing personality disorder related symptoms, which are impacting negatively upon their day to day life and mental well-being.

Who we work with

Icebreak is committed to supporting and working with 16-22 year olds who have been experiencing severe emotional distress for a long time (sometimes called personality disorder), and are eligible for a GP in Plymouth. 

You may be having difficulties:

  • Managing your emotions / feelings
  • Making or maintaining relationships
  • With self harm or suicidal thoughts
  • With day to day living e.g. looking after yourself

The Icebreak team will work with you to:

  • Offer a confidential space where you will not be judged
  • Build on your strengths, and what you can do
  • Find positive ways of helping you to manage your emotions
  • Support you with practical issues e.g. accessing education and training

If you would like to know more you can:

  • Drop in to The Zone and speak to one of our youth support volunteers who can help you to complete a referral to the team
  • Email Icebreak 
  • Complete a referral form and return it to The Zone
  • Call The Zone on 01752 206626 for more information.

The Icebreak team is not a crisis team. If you are in need of urgent support please click here.

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''My Care-Coordinator has helped me with lots of things like when stuff goes wrong...I usually just melt down but he has helped me to learn how to sort things out. It feels like I can talk about what I want in a relaxed atmosphere; but I don't feel judged or pressured to talk about things.''